Which food is best for your dog?

Give your dog the food that he adores and at the same time provides all the nutrients he requires.



Affordable dry food


No added colours or flavours

Made in Belgium

Produced in state-of-the-art animal food factories

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Terug naar keuzelijst X Size

To which category does your dog belong? That depends on his height at its withers and weight.

Withers < 30 cm
(Adult) weight < 10 kg
Adult from +/- 10 months

Withers 30 cm – 50 cm
(Adult) weight : 10 kg - 25 kg
Adult from +/- 12 months

Withers 45 - 60 cm
(Adult) weight : 25 kg - 45 kg
Adult from +/- 18 months

Very large:
Withers > 60 cm
(Adult) weight > 45 kg
Adult from +/- 24 months

Terug naar keuzelijst X Age

A puppy has a greater energy requirement than an adult dog. Tune the dog food well to the age of your dog.

Because puppies have to build lots of new tissue, they have higher energy requirements than adult dogs.

An adult dog requires high-fiber food that is easily digestible and low in calories.

Food with fat-burning properties that reduces joint stiffness and boosts the immune system is the best option for older dogs.